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Coffee cup size mystery

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The coffee cup size has always been a mystery to me. Laziness has prevented me to look into this matter till yesterday. I bought a brand new coffee maker, a Capresso 455, among the big daddies of coffee makers. It is pretty darn good I must say and saves a lot of money as well since I drink “10” cups a day, even though it set me back by a cool $325 including taxes. So far, I highly recommend it. Coffee is one of the few things where I can distinguish between the grades ( 1-5, whole numbers).

Coming back to the size of the coffee cup again. A cup that you will find in the kitchen would be about 8oz. Anything less would be considered puny. It defies logic that coffee makers continue to fool the audience by marking 2-10 cup coffee machines when their coffee cup sizes are closer to 5 oz. I established the above by doing a scientific experiment last night (I used a sample of 2 high end coffee makers to derive this conclusion, but some googling confirmed this hypothesis). The only reason I can see them do this is to drum up the size, since in this land of hummers and ford expedition hybrids which give you 17 mpg, size does matter.  


Written by internesia

November 13, 2007 at 10:23 am

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