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Queens tow pound

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My parking luck ran out yesterday. This is NY and I had outlived the average time between parking tickets. I parked in a spot where there is no standing 4-7pm at around 3:30pm. Did not notice the sign but I DID feed the meter! Come back at 4:12 and the car is gone. Took 15 mins to locate the car (311, connected to 911, no luck -> Google 411, which does not understand my accent -> 411 -> Manhattan tow pound -> voicemail -> 411 -> Brooklyn tow pound -> Queens tow pound). No biggie since I located it. Getting there was a pain as no cab driver comes to Jackson heights to pick a passenger. They come to eat. Finally, we get one and get there.

The Queens tow pound is a masterpiece. It is under the Kosciusko bridge (I cannot still pronounce the damn thing) in front of a cemetery. The bridge is a heavily used. It is high and very old. It was a rainy day and rain was coming down steady. It is one of those scenes which you get either in an indie move when the actor is going through the roughest time of his life or in some horror action movie like seven or silence of the lambs. So we get there and are greeted by a ‘rookie’ guard. He clearly did not fit into this place. Too cheerful and too eager to help. I would like to see him in 5 years if he is still there. The others had clearly put in their time and given up. You go into this shack where you line up behind a clearly marked line facing a tiny window. I line up and wait for my turn. When I come up, I ask the rough looking dude behind the counter if my car was there (I knew it was but to reassure myself) and he says ‘she sure is.. and enjoying every moment of it’. He hands me a slip to take to the guard outside. We are asked to wait for a shuttle that will take us to the car, from which I will get the papers. So, we wait. After 5 mins, the shuttle arrives. A big guy is driving this and is in hurry whatsoever. He drives around the relatively small area (definitely not requiring a shuttle) and stops and watches me intently as I get out and get the things from my car. Imagine the life of this guy driving around in a 200 yard circuit all day in this forsaken place. So, back to the window again. This time a guy transgressed the line and was tailgating another guy at the window. The rough dude blew off. Took some time to settle down and then I paid the $185.00 fees and got another slip to get the car. Back to waiting for shuttle and the slow ride to the car and finally out of the pound. I also got a $115.00 ticket for parking in a no-standing zone. All for a $7.00 meal of a goat curry and 2 nans at kabab king diner.

I was with Kiran and we both kept wondering about the three characters, the rookie, the driver, and the fine collector. If I had a bad day, these guys are having these days everyday under a old rusty bridge in Maspeth, NY in front of the laurel hill cemetery. Do they think about things in perspective? But perspective of what?


Written by internesia

August 22, 2007 at 10:00 am

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